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a formula tool that can refer to multiple field and dynamic field

can we have a formula tool to refer multiple field (especially dynamic as well) 




i KNOWN we can use transpose and crosstab tool. but it silly to do one thing with two tool.




To sum all the fields in the file. so now is A-D. 




I can use formula tool to do it. easy. But, what if fields add / delete frequently?



Now, it sum A-E, what if G-F tomorrow, and B-Z after tomorrow, i do not want to update workflow every time.



suggestion :

I hope we have a tool that similar to multiple field tool, but it output to a new field only.



I KNOWN SUM() is not alteryx function but just an example. we can expand further other formula for string and date.





Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

thanks for your feedback @Pang_Hee_Choy, that would certainly be a robust feature!

Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team
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