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Workflow Sharing

Our company got Alteryx server a few months ago, and we were surprised to find out that (at current setup) the members of my team can not collaborate on workflows published on our Server. 


What we would like to see  (How we envision being able to share workflows). 


With any published workflow on the server, be able to publish a workflow to a shared space and/or share owner permissions with or edit abilities to with another user. 




Allow another authorized user to download, edit, and update those workflows - keeping them current in someone's absence (Vacation or leave for a new job). 



Please build this functionality so we can get back to using Server instead of a shared folder on the network.



14 - Magnetar


Have you looked at setting your team up inside of one Private Studio on the Gallery?  That should give you the capability you are looking for.

Additionally, if you are looking to make changes on the server, the best way to open a given workflow is to open it directly from the Alteryx Designer, where you can add your server's Gallery to the list of options.

7 - Meteor

Thanks for the response.

We have looked at one private studio; however.  Our team works on a variety of work, intersecting with different groups.  So, ownership for all (on our team) isn't really an option either.


If we could have multiple private studios:  Say,  My own,  Team 1, Team 2, etc..  And could choose which studio to publish to, that would be a solution.  I don't think you can currently be part of more than one private studio can you? 


As far as changing workflows on the server, yes.  We have our Company gallery there, and I open them in designer, straight from the Gallery.  We just can't push updates to those workflows unless we are the original publishers. 


Let me know if I'm missing something.


14 - Magnetar

You're correct that you can only be part of one private studio today, which is a significant limitation.

There is an idea out there already to allow you to be in multiple:



I'd recommend Starring the original post there and writing a comment expressing the value of this option.


Unfortunately if all members of the team have overlapping segmented access needs as you are describing, Alteryx today doesn't handle that very well.

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