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Workflow Outputs switched off indicator

Whilst the "Disable All Tools that Write Output" option within the Runtime Settings in Designer is useful.


I think a Workflow "Live" status / indicator could be really useful?


One key thing we have to seriously remind people whenever they start using Designer, especially when they are potentially picking up a workflow that some else has built is to sternly remind them that they need to understand the workflow outputs properly before pushing the run button!


One thing we do to get this message across is to demo the disable outputs option.


What would be better is to have some kind of interface / visual similar to the browse tool visuals that are created. But within the canvas / workflow / runtime config window?


This would instantly draw users attention to the fact that the workflow is connected to live outputs and that they should proceed with caution / turn off outputs etc. 

13 - Pulsar
13 - Pulsar

Hey @CristonS, this should be in Designer Ideas rather than Community ideas 😄

9 - Comet

@Joe_Lipski @CristonS - Apologies! Can it be moved?

8 - Asteroid

Hi @CiaranA  We try to manage this scenario using bright-red containers that we leave disabled to make it really obvious to other users. That way they need to make a conscious decision to expand the container to ensure the target system is updated. Perhaps this would help cover your requirements?



12 - Quasar
12 - Quasar

I tend to use both approaches. @MikeLR what you’ve outlined is good when there are handful of output files, however above this the global switch that @CiaranA mentioned is easier to turn on/off. While the output tools become hashed to indicate that they are turned off, a banner or something at the top of the workflow to indicate this state would be a neat addition (speaking form experience where I’ve run something only to realise writing to outputs is turned off!).