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Workflow Grouping and Tagging for Designer

Gallery is useful for sharing workflows or web-based storage. However, if you want to open a set of workflows that are not otherwise linked, but for example are part of a single project, it would be helpful to be able to save it as you might to a folder. Likewise, if you want to add a workflow to a group, you have to open all the workflows and then resave the workflow group.


Suggestion 1: Add an option in the Meta Info Tab of the Configuration window that would allow you to select/create a workflow group to add the workflow to.


Suggestion 2: Allow keyword tagging of workflows with a search option so that similar projects can be searched for and compared easily. This is already available in Server, but would be extremely helpful for small businesses where there might only be a single user, as is my case. ESRI's ArcGIS Online has this tagging capability as a reference.

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