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Work around for Gallery / Designer version conflict

Now that Alteryx releases updates to Designer every quarter I'll likely be updating my copy of Designer frequently. Meanwhile, my IT team doesn't want to have to update Server every quarter to stay compatible. Problem there is, when I create workflows in the latest version of Designer they can't run on the older version of Server, nor on the Gallery. 


Some features that would allow me to work around this: 

  1. If I could elect what version I want to use when uploading to the gallery. 
  2. If instead of having to upload workflows from within Designer (which thereby opens  the workflow in whatever version I have installed on my machine) I could upload workflows from the Gallery website by navigating to a folder on my directory and selecting a given workflow. That way I could open the workflow in Notepad beforehand and alter the version number to match Server. 


I'm guessing this is a niche problem that few others will encounter: 

  1. Not everyone is as big a nerd as me and will insist on updating Designer each quarter
  2. Other companies may have IT teams that update Server each quarter
  3. You can install an admin and non-admin version of Alteryx on your machine (I plan on doing this once IT responds to my internal service request).
    1. You could use the admin version for the latest and greatest version of Alteryx
    2. You could use the non-admin version to match whatever version of Server IT has installed and use that to upload (first opening the workflow in notepad to manually overwrite the version number to match server) 
16 - Nebula
16 - Nebula

@Brad2 wrote:



I'm guessing this is a niche problem that few others will encounter: 


@Brad2 I'm on board with you here. I have the same issue where I like to be on the cutting edge while our server is usually several versions behind.

16 - Nebula
16 - Nebula

@Brad2 - we don't have this same challenge internally (the same team manages both) but I fully sympethize with your pain and like @patrick_digan said, I think this is a very common problem.

We see this ALL the time on the discussion boards where people get caught on the message about version of workflow.


There's an idea here that may help:


Essentially the thinking is that if you use new tools then you cannot save back to a previous version - but if your workflow only uses tools from v10, then you should be able to save as v10.

If there was a flag to say "by default save as lowest compatible version" or "by default save as version 10" which then warned you if your workflow could NOT be saved as version 10 because it was using newer features - that would immediately solve this problem for you both.


Very common need - hope this gets lots of stars.