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When searching for a tool, include the category the tool is in

This suggestion is particularly relevant for macros and custom tools created with the Python SDK, but I think it can apply to other tools as well.


When searching for tools in Alteryx, I can easily find tools I want fairly quickly.  However, I often don't know which tool category it is in, which can sometimes slow me down (it is sometimes faster/easier for me to go to the tool category, rather than search for the tool I want).

As a quick example, I just installed the Word Cloud tool that @NeilR shared here: .  I was able to find the tool really easily using search once it was installed, but in order to find the tool category, I either had to unzip the .yxi file and find out where it was, or click around through the tool categories until I found it (it was in the Reporting tools, which makes a lot of sense).


Could we add something either to the search window or to the description/config of tools which calls out where a given tool is in the Tool Palette?

Sr. Community Content Manager
Sr. Community Content Manager

Good suggestion. In case you didn't know, when you install a yxi it does tell you what category it will install into but it's easy to miss...



That's pretty cool, and helps me with the immediate need!

I definitely didn't notice that in the install 🙂

I think having it inside of the Alteryx search will also help to remind users of where a tool can be found, which can be really helpful. It will also help users once python tools start to be installed at an enterprise level to have ease of access to this information!

Thanks for the tip!