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What's Up With Copy/Paste Inside Tool Configurations?

Ever tried to copy a field rename from one select tool to another, or from one summarize tool from another.


Have you noticed that it doesn't work?


I think it should. 🙂


i.e., if you click on the rename box ("Total") and enter ctrl-c, when you enter ctrl-v in the other tool, it pastes this:

Field2 Sum Total

not just the name "Total"


Instead of just the renamed field "Category", the select tool pastes this:

True Field1 String 1 Category




Alteryx Partner

Any updates on this,

will we be able to see it in 2018.4 maybe?


When clients come across this, they think that Alteryx tool is buggy... loss of reputation...


We are working on a fix for the issue where you copy from a cell and paste into another cell and it pastes the entire row rather than the cell you copied.

Alteryx Partner

looking forward to it

Community Operations Manager
Community Operations Manager
Status changed to: Coming Soon

Almost there! We are in the process of finalizing your idea. You should see this idea implemented in an upcoming release.

Status changed to: Implemented

This is now available in the 2019.3 release. Download it at