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Values from connected tool (interface dropdown)

The drop-down interface tool currently allows you to allow the user to select field names from a connected tool.

However, a very common use case is not currently supported - select VALUES from a connected too (i.e. the values in a specific column).


There are several workarounds (including chaining the app and using an alteryx DB or transposing values into fields) - however given how common this need is, it seems to be valuable to support this directly.



Annotation 2019-09-23 191348.pngAnnotation 2019-09-23 192245.png


cc: @mbarone  @Claje @JPoz 

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Additionally, the current workaround for this (cross-tab your data, then feed it into a drop down or list box), does not actually behave in a dynamic fashion.


Any solution that allows for these values to be leveraged should also make it so this process is truly dynamic.