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User Interface - Give users control of default settings - COMMENT Tool


The COMMENT tool has a number of default settings.  It would save me a lot of time if the Designer could remember the last settings used.  


This is the panel I am referring to:





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If you don't wish to wait for this feature to be implemented here is a workaround that may make this request unnecessary.


Make yourself a workflow that just has COMMENT boxes configured with all the settings that you use regularly.


Keep this loaded and you can copy and paste any elements you need into the object you are editing.






This is a phenomenal idea. I think this would be even more powerful if global preferences could be set. Then we could save our own personal settings or we could define team's style standards. Maybe the global preferences could be managed with an external file just like the Tableau preferences file.

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The global environment variables idea has been kicking around for a long time and many users have asked for it.


Here is one of the past requests that attracted comments, including mine