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Update the macro tool's output anchor functionality to match that of all the other tools'

12 - Quasar

@samN what are your thoughts on Macros only outputting a single line when not connected to downstream tools?

9 - Comet

+1 I spent far too long debugging this non-issue one evening.  After going down macro inception looking for where my iterations were failing, all was solved with browse tool.  Very frustrating browse bug.

8 - Asteroid

I agree, this has been a very difficult issue to track down.  Thank you for the posts, or I'd still be trying to figure it out!

Alteryx Partner

Bumping this, would love to get this fix over the line

5 - Atom

Please Please Please, it always feel odd telling people that they for some reason they need a tool after their macro for it to work

5 - Atom

Yes please! I spent over an hour the other day troubleshooting a batch macro that wasn't working, and it turned out that putting a browse tool after it brought everything through as I intended. So frustrating.