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Update field names across entire workflow

One of my favorite features of Tableau is when you change name of a field it updates all calculated fields, parameters, sets, etc. that uses that field. I wish Alteryx could do this as well. 


I run into this a lot where I may start a workflow and do not care so much about my naming conventions, but then the workflow may end up moving to production but I have to clean up a lot of names that were fine for exploring the data but aren't descriptive enough for production. Being able to change a name once and then have Alteryx update all other instances of that name would really increase the usability. 




ACE Emeritus
ACE Emeritus

This is really a workaround more than a "solution", but you can potentially do something along these lines via a find+replace.  Alteryx workflows are saved as XML files, so depending on how your naming convention works you can pretty easily just do a replace on each field you want to update, or go tool by tool if you are worried about names being too generic

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Thanks for the comment, I do use find+replace sometimes, but like you said, some names may be too generic, or I often have multiple versions of the same fields with slight differences to format. I just think that overall, it would be so much more seamless to have it auto update names downstream from where you first create the name.