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Update - Revamp Google BigQuery Output Tool - Allow for overwriting

Currently, when one uses the Google BigQuery Output tool, the only options are to create a table, or append data to an existing table.  It would be more useful if there was a process to replace all data in the table rather than appending. Having the option to overwrite an existing table in Google BigQuery would be optimal.


All about this! ^


Enabling more complex queries that allow for drop/delete functionality is vital for data creation and maintenance. The limitation of append inhibits utilization of this tool, and essentially renders it useless for most write-to-db operations.


This would be very helpful!

Alteryx Partner

Agreed on everything above.  I've just started using GBQ and very frustrating to read that Alteryx allows very complex queries only to find that you can insert into an existing table and really nothing else 😞 


We now have to write a lot of macros to do the basic functionality that should be provided - simple stuff like truncating a table or creating a new table. 

Alteryx Partner

I also discovered that this tool uses a streaming input which prevents further DML for a long time.  


Based on that, we wrote our own macros to interact with the tables in the way we require - to do a truncate/insert if required and an easier way to insert.