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Unique tool enhancement - deal with case sensitive data

Hi team,


I have a set of data that contains functional mapping of cost centers of the organisation. Such mapping is maintained by an administrator in the system and he manages and modifies/add changes.


Administrator does not consider the case sensitivity and sometime may write the same function name in UPPER and Proper case say for example "OPERATIONS" and "Operations"


I need to use such mapping in a workflow where I need to extract unique function names from the mapping.


Since a function has more than one cost centers so there are multiple lines for a function name in the mapping. 


I used Unique tool to do this. But this tool has a limitation that it considers the case sensitivity and reads the same word written in different case type as two unique values.


So in my case the i got two lines for the same function - one in UPPER case i.e. "OPERATIONS" and other with Proper case i.e. "Operations"


In order to tackle this problem, I used formula tool to convert entire text in uniform case type and then applied Unique tool.


Suggestion : I suggest enhancing the Unique tool to give user an option to configure it to consider case sensitivity while selecting unique values from the data.