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Tool to Parse Tables in HTML

We're currently using Regex and text to columns to parse raw HTML as text into the appropriate format when web scraping, when a tool to at least parse tables would be hugely beneficial.

This functionality exists within Qlik so it would be nice to have this replicated in Alteryx.

Obviously, we need to retain the ability to scrape raw HTML, but automatically parsing data using the <td>, <th> and <tr> tags would be nice.

In the following page there is a table showing the states and territories of the US:

States.PNGWith Qlik, you can input the URL and it will return the available tables in tabular format:


States - Qlik.PNG


As this functionality exists elsewhere it would be nice to incorporate this into Alteryx.

Alteryx Partner


+1 - PowerQuery already also has this functionality.  I can point it at a Wikipedia page or similar and it just automatically scrapes the data.  It even does 'table like' data.

Alteryx Partner

any updates on this?


By the one the number one 3rd party data source seems to be web pages static or dynamic.

Especially in competitive price comparisons etc.


Any chance Alteryx achieve a capability like











Excel also has this!