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To support TIF images

Note from one of our customers:

All our pharmacy images are mainly tiff format only.   Since we don’t have the options TIFF to PNG or JPG converter in the BLOB converter tool  in Alteryx.

We are not able convert and display the image from alteryx to PDF or Report display tool in Alteryx.


As our images are critical components of our Reporting options .  This impact us to  use this tool for the below use cases and we are not able move forward on this activity with Alteryx Tool.


To clarify, the Blob Output tool supports all types of formats, this tool is the one used to output the blob as TIFF.


The tool that needs the enhancement (to support TIFF) is the Image tool which is used to bring the image into Alteryx to include it into a report.

Status changed to: Comments Requested

Thank you for the post! TIF support is not on the initial of features we'll be adding to the new reporting tools, however we'll soon be looking at making improvements to the Image tool specifically and will be sure to scope this out and discuss as a potential improvement. 


I'd love to get some feedback from other folks - does anyone else have a similar need for TIF support?

Alteryx Partner


I use a slick little utility called FastStone Capture for one off screen capture, image editing and format conversion.


For users with a format conversion challenge this may be an answer for low volumes.  Alteryx might consider licensing some of their code.