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Text kerning and smoothing in 2018.4 user interface could use some work

Loving the fresh new UI, but (there's always a but) I feel like the combination of font usage, (no) smoothing, and kerning in the 2018.4 user interface is very straining on your eyes and makes most of the text pretty hard to read:Capture.PNG



On high(er) resolution screens, like laptops, the issues get worse. Working on a ThinkPad P51s, Windows 10, 1920x1080, no weird text and layout upscaling because I'm a sane person.

7 - Meteor

Agree with that assessment as well

Status changed to: Implemented

Thanks for suggesting this! The font kerning issues you describe (which were introduced in 2019.1, and rolled back in 2019.2 due to customer feedback) should no longer be an issue if you upgrade to a newer version of Alteryx.


There is an additional community idea requesting better 4k/high resolution monitor support, which you can like and post on here: