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Text input tool - text format and size changed to v_string/v_wstring and max size

Hi Alteryx community,


It would be really nice to have v_string/v_wstring and max character size as a standard for text columns.


it is countless how many times I found that the error was related to a string truncation due to string size limit from the text input.


Thumbs-up those who lost their minds after discovering that the error was that! 😄


Just an FYI that this is something that we fixed in the newly released AMP engine.


Thank you for the heads up @AdamR, that's awesome to hear! Since AMP is an opt in option at this time, I'm going to hold off updating this idea to implemented, however for users who come to this thread looking for a work around, the AMP Engine addresses this request and can be toggled on by going into your Workflow Configuration > Runtime and checking the AMP Engine box.

Status changed to: Accepted

I'm going to update this idea to Accepted as this is something we corrected in the AMP Engine and as we move closer to the AMP Engine becoming our default (opt out) option this will becoming the default behavior. Once the AMP Engine is the default or we include this in the original engine, I'll be sure to update this idea to Implemented.