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Test data on batch macros

When building macros - we have the ability to put test data into the macro inputs, so that we can run them and know that the output is what we expected.    This is very helpful (and it also sets the type on the inputs)


However, for batch macros, there seems to be no way to provide test inputs for the Control Parameter.   So if I'm testing a batch macro that will take multiple dates as control params to run the process 3 times, then there's no way for me to test this during design / build without putting a test-macro around this (which then gets into the fact that I can't inspect what's going on without doing some funkiness)


Could we add the same capability to the Control Parameter as we have on the Macro Input to be able to specify sample input data?


Hi Sean,

This sounds similar to my idea from way back in 2015.  There is a workaround to testing using constants, if you're interested see my post here below.  Example is in the thread.


'preciate it @collin_pace - I'll take a look over the weekend.

I think there's a lot we can do in macros to make this more robust in a testing and debugging sense, so every bit helps.

Status changed to: Coming Soon

Thank you for the suggestion. The ability to enter text into control parameters when debugging them will be available in an upcoming release.


This is great news - thanks @JPoz 

Status changed to: Implemented

Thank you for suggesting this! In the 2019.4 release (, you can enter text in the test view for control parameters in order to debug them.