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Teradata Query Banding For In-DB Tools

Teradata has a feature called query banding where a group of queries or more commonly a database session can have additional metadata tagged onto all of the individual queries. The Teradata workload management engine can use information provided in the query band for use in prioritizing query execution and resource allocation.


With normal input tools, the query band information can be populated in the "Pre-SQL" with a query such as:

SET QUERY_BAND = 'org=Finance;report=Fin123;' FOR SESSION;

However, with the In-DB tools, there is no concept of pre-SQL, and no great way to set the query band for the In-DB queries Alteryx submits. We would want to set the query band at the workflow level for performance prioritization and resource allocation monitoring purposes. 


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Alteryx Partner

Would be an interesting and nice feature..