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Tables Copyable In A Format We Can Paste As A Text Input

Often when working on problems posed by other people, they provide a sample table of data.


Would love a trivial way to copy from the Community to Alteryx.

Creative Director
Creative Director

I am able to do this today @jdunkerley79 - I was able to copy the values in a table in a community post and then past them into a text input tool:


Status changed to: Inactive
Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

This is now live in 2019.4 as you can now copy from a web browser and can right click and paste directly onto the canvas.


@KylieF - Another one bites the dust.

Status changed to: Implemented

Good catch @joe_lipski !


This idea has been updated to Implemented since it's now available in version 2019.4!