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Table Styling Formula Improvement & Documentation

Hello Community & Devs!


This idea consists of a couple of requests that are related to the same topic - table styling using the formula field.  As most probably know, the table tool offers column/row specific formatting.  Some of the basic formatting offered in the configuration are: fonts, texts colors, and backgrounds.  For anything that doesn't fall into these types of formatting rules, there is a "Formula" option that allows the user to define CSS-like statements to format the selected column, row, or cell.  Related to this formula, I have two requests:


  1. I would like a double border to be included as an option.  After speaking with a support engineer, they do not believe this is currently available.  The double border is used in most financial documents as the "sum line".  I see a lot of uses for this, especially in my industry.  I would expect a formula like this: "border-top: 1px solid double black;" to give a result like this:goal.pngDesired OutputBut it gives a result like this:whatihave.pngCurrent Alteryx Output
  2. I would like to see additional documentation on this Style Formula field so users have a reference when attempting to do advanced styling on a table.  I don't think it's sufficient to say, "Use of this requires a solid understanding of CSS styles" if all CSS styling options aren't available.  Documentation would at least let us know that what we are attempting to do isn't possible.


Thanks for considering my ideas!






I have experimented with table styling formulas to add lines to the top and bottom using the following in the formula box:


"Border-top: 1px solid black; Border-bottom: 3px solid black;"


When this feature gets added, it would be nice if it could be created with a single instruction, for example;


"Border-topandbottom; 1px solid black;"





Along the same lines, I'd like to be able to apply formula-based CSS properties at the table or header (th) level (rather than just the table data/td elements).


For example, having the the ability to set the border-collapse property for a table (so borders aren't duplicated on a table sent via email or rendered to HTML). This CSS property is set at the table level, so I can't use it within a row or column rule. 


What I want to send via email:


Today, I can set borders for all rows and columns, however, there are gaps between the borders:



Alternatively, I can set full borders by using a row rule "border: 1 px solid black", however, borders are duplicated (there are gaps between the cell borders an the table border):




Also, to control the border for the table header, I have to set a column rule for every column (which can be cumbersome if your table has more than a couple of columns. It would be useful to be able to globally adjust the properties at the header/th level.