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TLS/SSL support with Alteryx Database Connectors



I had a business case requiring a cost effective and quick storage solution for real time online sourced survey data from customers.  A MongoDB instance would fit the need, so I quickly spun up a cluster on Mongo Atlas.  Atlas was launched by MongoDB in 2016 as a database-as-a-service deployed on AWS.  All instances for Atlas require TLS/SSL to connect.  Currently, the Alteryx MongoDB connector does not support TLS/SSL connections and doesn't work against Atlas.  So, I was left with a breakdown in my plan that would require manual intervention before ingesting data to Alteryx (not ideal).


Please consider expanding this functionality on all connectors.  I am building Alteryx out in my agency as a data platform that handles sensitive customer information (name, address, email, etc.).  Most tools I use to connect to secure servers today support this type of connection and should be a priority for Alteryx to resolve. 



Mike Schock






Another vote for SharePoint SSL connection...please!

The last update was in January 2018 - stating that there were no immediate plans for this functionality. How many people need to "star" or request this functionality for it to be seriously considered? Please provide updated feedback to the Alteryx community. Thanks!


Oracle, SQL Server



This has been an issue for 2 years.

Surely it has reached critical point?


This is the error message that I get for Connect In-DB






Sharepoint SSL