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TLS/SSL support with Alteryx Database Connectors



I had a business case requiring a cost effective and quick storage solution for real time online sourced survey data from customers.  A MongoDB instance would fit the need, so I quickly spun up a cluster on Mongo Atlas.  Atlas was launched by MongoDB in 2016 as a database-as-a-service deployed on AWS.  All instances for Atlas require TLS/SSL to connect.  Currently, the Alteryx MongoDB connector does not support TLS/SSL connections and doesn't work against Atlas.  So, I was left with a breakdown in my plan that would require manual intervention before ingesting data to Alteryx (not ideal).


Please consider expanding this functionality on all connectors.  I am building Alteryx out in my agency as a data platform that handles sensitive customer information (name, address, email, etc.).  Most tools I use to connect to secure servers today support this type of connection and should be a priority for Alteryx to resolve. 



Mike Schock





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Need this for the SharePoint connector!

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Sharepoint, I beg you. 

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This seems like something that should be essentially core capability. Can you provide an update on when this will be coming into your roadmap? 

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Removed Duplicate

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As there has not been much progress from Alteryx on SSL support for database connectors, I thought I would share a work around we are planning to use for connecting Alteryx with Azure Cosmos db Mongo api.


1. Install stunnel -


2. Add the following service config to stunnel

C:\Program Files (x86)\stunnel\conf\)

client = yes
accept =
connect =
verifyChain = yes
CAfile = ca-certs.pem
checkHost =
OCSPaia = yes


3. Configure to run  as a windows service.

 C:\Program Files (x86)\stunnel\bin\stunnel.exe -install


With this solution in place, Alteryx can connect to mongo on localhost:44317 on an unencrypted connection.


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We really need TLS 1.2 support for Sharepoint connections. We have business needs that require it.

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Need SSL support for Mongo DB cloud
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Please add support for TLS 1.2 for SharePoint connections as soon as possible. Have many business cases that require it.

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Another vote and star for Mongo DB SSL connection

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another vote for Mongo DB SSL connection