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Suppress/Ignore Warning Messages



Limit conversion warning allows for a minimum of 1 message.  Can we set the minimum to 0 to completely ignore the message?


Perhaps we can allow warning messages a similar function as ERROR messages and allow the designer to Ignore, Warn or Cancel?


ConvError: Imputation (441): Tool #104: No demand: 0.200000000000031 had more precision than a double. Some precision was lost.

ConvError: Summarize (456): Data: 0.360000000004675 had more precision than a double. Some precision was lost.


End: Designer x64: Finished running FP Model - Marquee Crew v3.yxmd in 32.3 seconds with 16 field conversion errors and 4 warnings






I agree it would be helpful to be able to limit warning errors at times, particularly parse errors caused by the use of tools that dynamically generate field names such as the transpose or dynamic input tools.  Since these tools dynamically create fields at run time, downstream tools always report parse errors until the workflow is run since the field they use aren't created until runtime. 


It would be very helpful if the developer could choose when to suppress errors on certain tools (particularly parse errors).


Please!!! Now that we are using our scheduler enough to do reporting on the scheduler itself, I would LOVE to have more than like 2/80 workflows per day actually come out green. I understand some of the conversion errors are fixable, but a lot of them there is simply nothing we can do about. Specifically when an excel file that is brought in has the headers a few rows down and you get the rename error for every column. Like, yeah, I know, that's why I have a dynamic rename tool 2 tools down. I don't need the reminder every time. 


The other thing that we were discussing with @BenG and @KatieH is to be able to right-click on warnings and apply a fix.

So - for the example of these kind of conversion errors - it would be relatively easy to provide the capability within the designer to give the user a right click option to "Add an explicit converter" before this tool, which would explicitly truncate it or do a clean & explicit type conversion.


I would be all about this one. It may also be important to discuss to the general community why this is important? To those of us who have been a scheduling admin we get it, but it might be good to have something out there about why it's important to clean up your workflows? @SeanAdams