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Support this Workaround to use Bulk in PostgreSQL/Greenplum "Datastream-In" In-DB tool



Standard In-DB connection configuration for PostgreSQL / Greenplum makes "Datastream-In" In-DB tool to load data line by line instead of using Bulk mode.

As a result, loading data in a In-DB stream is very slow.



Connection configuration






100 000 lines are sent to Greenplum using a "Datastream-in" In-DB tool.

This is a demo workflow, the In-DB stream could be more complex and not replaceable by an Output Data In-Memory.


Load time : 11 minutes.

It's slow and spam the database with insert for each lines.



However, there is a workaround.


We can configure a In-Memory connection using the bulk mode : 



And paste the connection string to the "write" tab of our In-DB Connection : 



Load time : 24 seconds.

It's fast as it uses the Bulk mode.


This workaround has been validated by Greenplum team but not by Alteryx support team.


Could you please support this workaround ? 



Tested on version 2021.3.3.63061