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Support for GZIP (.gz) compressed files in input tool, both in Designer and Server

Please support GZIP files in the input tool for both Designer and Server.


I get several large .gz files every day containing our streaming server logs. I need to parse and import these using Alteryx (we currently use Sawmill). Extracting each of these files would take a huge amount of space and time.


This was previously requested and marked as "now available", but what is available only addressed a small part of the request. First, that request was for both ZIP and GZIP. What is now available is only ZIP. Second, it requested both input and output, what is now available is input only. Third, while not explicitly stated in the request, it needs to function in Alteryx Server in order to be scheduled on a daily basis.



Hi All,


To update everyone on this- we are still planning on adding support for gzip in the Input tool for Designer. To clarify, this does not include support for outputting to gzip at this point, though we will explore that additional feature in the future as well as server support.


Timing is not nailed down yet, but we're hoping to have it in by H1 2018.




10 - Fireball

Thank you, @ARich, for that update!

8 - Asteroid

Thank you @AlexP

Status changed to: Accepted
Alteryx Partner

Awesome news!  Thanks!

7 - Meteor

Adding my vote for gzip support on output.  We really need this to efficiently manage large recordsets being sent to REST API endpoints.

10 - Fireball

For those of you who are voting for this for the Output Tool, you might want to observe that this idea is specifically about the Input Tool, and that Alteryx staff posts have indicated the Input Tool gzip support is now "on the roadmap." However, the Output Tool is still for "future exploration."


When the Input Tool support is released, this idea will be marked as such and voting will be closed. You might want to consider creating a separate Idea for the Output Tool functionality so that can receive votes specific to it, and can remain open when this is closed. Just a thought...

Alteryx Partner

I just installed the recently released version 2018.1, it seems that the support for reading gz is not yet available 🙂  Hope to see it in 2018.2 then

8 - Asteroid

Are there any updates from Alteryx on the release of this feature?

8 - Asteroid
Great news. Looking forward to this feature.

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