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Support for DAT files for Importing and Exporting

Our DAT file structure is as follows:


The first line of the .DAT file must be a header row identifying the field neames.

The .DAT file must use the following Concordance default delimiters:

Comma  ASCII character (020)

Quote    ASCII character (254)

Newline  ASCII character (174)


Thank you,

Pete Vara


Hi Pete,


I feel the issue with building a .DAT input tool is that not all .DAT files are the same. They can contain data in many different structures as its an "arbitrary data" file type. Are your .DAT files similar to CSV with commas separating quoted strings and each row being on a newline? If so, appending .CSV should allow the input tool to bring the data in fine. Additionally, even if you don't append the extension, Alteryx will recognize the file as a type it does not know how to handle, and will ask if you want to bring it in as delimited data (and it will give you a few options).


Hope this helps get you past your issue.






Thank you for your response. As a work around using the Output data tool. I set the Delimiters to \0 and Code Page to Unicode UTF-8.

That seems to work for now. And I am using the same parameters for reading the data from the Input tool.