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Summarize Tool | Unique String Concatenate

When using the Summarize Tool please provide a grouping action that does a unique string concatenation. Example below. 


Input table

Category String
A Dog
A Cat
B Mouse
B Rat
C Fish
C Fish
C Fish
C Fish
A Dog
A Dog


Typical Concatenation output grouping on 'Category'

Category Concat_String
A Dog,Cat,Dog,Dog
B Mouse,Rat
C Fish,Fish,Fish,Fish


Desired output with Unique String Concatenation

Category Uniq_Concat_String
A Cat,Dog
B Mouse,Rat
C Fish


I realize that this can be done with two inline Summarize tools but getting this done in one tool will streamline a workflow.

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)
Status changed to: Under Review

 The Summarize tool is one that is very powerful but often harder to understand by new users within the product.  We would like to overhaul the tool and reduce the common use cases where two summarizes are necessary as well as provide options for exploring the data without using multiple parallel Summarize tools.  We will consider this request as we begin to look at simplifying the tool.



Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team
Status changed to: Not Planned

Thank you for posting to the Alteryx Community! Your idea is interesting to us, but we have determined that we are unable to place this idea on our road map for the product due to several factors. However, should we be able to return to your idea in the future we will update the status back to Under Review.

5 - Atom

This is very essential requirement as we start using Alteryx extensively. Will be great if this can be incorporated in the tool instead of users struggling with many workarounds.

5 - Atom

If the above summarize proposal is implemented, it will be of great help as adding double summary also will not solve the problem all the times. And when it comes to working on data with several columns it becomes a big challenge.

5 - Atom

To achieve the desired result u have to summarise twice for removing the duplicate values with same details like A - Dog 


Attaching the workflowCapture.JPG


for ur reference