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Sum selected cells in browse tool

In a browse tool, sometimes I need to check any metrics haven’t been lost or omitted in different summarise tools (eg the totals still add up with different group by).

I would LOVE the quick win of selecting some cells in the browse tool results pane, and a label somewhere shows me the sum, average, count, distinct count, etc. I hate to use the line but ... “a bit like Excel does”. They even alow a user to choose what metrics they want to show in the label by right clicking. 🙂

This improvement would save me having to export to Excel, check they add up just by selecting, and jumping back, or even worse getting my calculator out and punching the numbers in.

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I think this has been requested before, but certainly worth flagging again. Like you, having come from Excel, I often find myself highlighting some cells and expecting to see a sum somewhere.


You get some of the metrics within the browse tool, such as min, max, avg (mean and median), as as a minimum it would be good to include a total field in the browse profile pane.


The other way to get a total is to add a summarise tool.