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Strong Typing on Macro Inputs

When building an Alteryx Macro - one of the tough parts is that the input data you put into the Macro Input is used for testing, but you cannot set the type.


So for example - I want to test with the value 1, and Alteryx automatically assumes this is a Byte.

However 1 is just a useful test value, but I need this to be an int 64.


Can we provide the option to strongly type the macro inputs - this way, we can give advanced users the ability to control the type on Macro Inputs, and not run into this sort of issue with test data implicitly defining the type?


Note: this is similar to the idea here:


16 - Nebula
16 - Nebula

🙂 just realised that I named this thread incorrectly - it should be "Strong Typing on Macro Inputs".

Too little coffee....


Hopefully they can change that for you to get better visibility, because this is a big issue.  I run across it particularly with SpatialObject data types which requires that I create and use a template yxdb which is annoying to change as the inputs shift with development.

16 - Nebula
16 - Nebula

Strong typing on Macro Inputs will also be super important as we start using shared macros and tools across the org as a shared asset.   Without strong typing, it does become difficult to build these with the required degree of resilience and testing.


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I'm hitting this problem too. I take a copy of the data from my main workflow right before where I want the macro, paste it into a new workflow to create a text input that I can convert to a macro input and boom! the datatypes change as if I'd run it through an Autofield tool. It then messes up the subsequent calculations in the macro.


OK I can stick a select tool into the macro to switch the datatypes, but it's frustrating that I can't do it through the input tool. Or have I missed something? Can you?