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Streaming Modules to run in sequence

I have several modules that need to run in sequence.   Can a ksh or some other program be used to string the modules together?  

So that if I have Step1.yxmd, Step2.yxmd and Step3.yxmd.  2 is dependent on 1, 3 is dependent on 2.  I want to tell it the jobs to run and then to wait until that module completes, then run the next.  

run Step1.yxmd

run Step2.yxmd

run Step3.yxmd

Or, if I have a group of modules that can run concurrently but subsequent jobs are dependent on all of them to finish, i can let all those jobs run and have the next step wait for those to complete to begin.  

run Step1A.yxmd
run Step1B.yxmd
run Step1C.yxmd
run Step1D.yxmd

run Step2.yxmd

run Step3.yxmd

I know this is very simplistic, but hoping it shows the need.  Also, we do have the scheduler set up to use, so if there is a way to set dependencies between modules within Scheduler, that might be helpful.  Just haven't found anything.  


5 - Atom

Hello @AdamR,


The Runner macor has proven extremely useful in implementing audit automation (log/alerts) in our application.


The Runner application allows one to select Alteryx Modules or Macro so if a Macro is selected then is there a provision to pass parameters i.e. dynamically configure a Batch macro parameters.


Apologies if I've missed to notice this in your blog.




6 - Meteoroid



I am having problems with the Alteryx conditional runner tool.  I cannot reference a mapped network drive locatoin b/c I need this to work on our server scheduler, thus I have to reference the file path that isn't mapped.


When I review the log errors, it looks like the conditional runner is somehow changing the filepath for this file??  It doesn't do it when I use the mapped location at the start (Y:\ in this case), so it has to be this issue.  Does anyone know how to fix this?  @AdamR?


Logged error from the conditional tool......

Error - Alteryx Engine: Can't read the file "Y:\[FOLDERNAME]\[FOLDERNAME]\[FOLDERNAME]\\katana\\FILE\FILE\FILE\FILENAME.yxmd.yxmd"

**the bold red text (actual file names are redacted) is NOT in the file path that I designate on the tool - it seems to add itself?**

8 - Asteroid



Will a workflow with the runner macro successfully run through the Alteryx Gallery or only if run from a workflow saved on a local machine?


When I try to save the workflow to my company's gallery, I receive an error validating the workflow: "File not found D:\ProgramData\Alteryx\Service\Staging\randomtemppath\_StageTemp\Engine_randomtemppath~\randomtemptextfilename.txt" stemming from the tool running the AlteryxRunner.exe.  However, I'm able to successfully save and run the macro on my local machine.  


This seems to be due to the temp files created/referenced in the exe, but I don't know how to (or if there is a way to) remedy this running from the Gallery.  i'm fairly new to Alteryx and very new to using these crew macros, so there's a good chance I'm missing something simple.  If anyone has any suggestions it would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you!