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Stop sharing credentials via Publish to Tableau Tool

On shared collection , users have access to the collection shared by other  team members. When users copy the ‘Publish to Tableau Server ‘  tool from one workflow to another it copies with the credentials embedded in the tool as well. 


As user John Doe’s workflow publishes data on to tableau server with  Peter’s credentials as the publish to dashboard tool was copied from Peter’s workflow.


The concern really is  Users copying tools from one workflow can really copy the credentials as well. Enhancement to the publish to Tableau tool would be much appreciated. 

Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team

Your idea and feedback is appreciated!


Our product team is constantly striving to make our products better, and the user feedback we received is critical in that mission. We recommend checking out our Submission Guidelines as they go into greater depth on the criteria needed for an idea to reach product as well as go over the boards in general. Make sure to also check out other user’s ideas!

Status changed to: Accepted

Thank you @sian for the idea,


all the new data connectors enforce encryption of the credentials fields and thus this shouldn't happen in the new version of the Tableau connector once it's released. 



Status changed to: Implemented

Hi, there's a new tool Tableau Output which (among other new features) does encrypt the credentials by default and thus users should not be able to share their credentials accidentally. Currently only the Tableau Cloud is supported, but the On-Prem support should come in about 2 months. If you'd like to participate in an upcoming Beta testing of the new version (or any other connector), please sign-up using this link.