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Start up Macro Loading Error (in bulk)

Currently I am running two version of Alteryx and some of the macros were created/updated in the newer version of Alteryx. I would like to see only one error message displayed for all of the macros created in a newer version rather than having a dialog box pop up a dozen plus times (one for each macro) every time I open an instance.


Macro Error Message.JPGMacro Error Message


I couldn't agree more!

@AndrewDataKim For what it's worth, you can also change the extension of the macros to anything other than yxmc and avoid the errors. For example, if I create a new macro in 11.3, I could save it as "macro.11.3". It would still work as a macro, and alteryx wouldn't check the version of this macro at startup since it's not a yxmc. Macros without a yxmc extension won't show up in your toolbar or search, but I think it's an interesting idea. 





This problem was happening to me recently and I solved it with one change to my system. I eliminated an older version of Alteryx (11.3) and kept the current version I was using (11.7).


The Problem


I create a lot of *.yxdb files to store results. I have thousands of these files, so whenever I clicked on one of the *.yxdb files to view the content, I had the "error loading a macro" message popping-up, n-times. The n-times occurred because I also write a lot of macros. Today, the message occurred 7 times. It was getting frustrating to have to sequentially close all of those pop-up dialogs, so I decided to fix the problem.


The Solution


The reason I had 7 macro error messages popping up was related to the Alteryx versions I had on my system. I recently jumped from 11.3 to 11.7, with both versions still on my system. When I checked the error loading messages to see which macros were the problem, they were all version 11.7 macros. This meant that when I was clicking on a *.yxdb file to view the file content, the version 11.3 executable was being used to view the content of the *.yxdb file, and apparently, it must do a check of the user-defined macros when it does that.  I'm not sure why Alteryx would check the user-defined macros before opening a *.yxdb file, but it must. Once I eliminated version 11.3 from my system (so I only have version 11.7), the problem disappeared. 


Maybe this will help someone else overcome this annoyance.




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