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Spell Check in Documentation Tools

Can a spell check option be included that will check the spelling in the comment tool text box and tool container captions?


Ideally a global check would be nice for the annotation section of each tool, especially if it can be determined if I changed the annotation from the default one on some tools.

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Status changed to: Implemented

@gedeborj Good news! Both Comment and Tool Containers have spelling error indications. 


Comment: Spelling errors are displayed via a red wavy line when writing or editing a comment from the configuration window or editing from the canvas. 


Tool Containers: Spelling errors are displays via a red wavy line when writing or editing a container name from the canvas. 







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Hi @RachelW

How the language to check is defined?

Some use cases :
On my computer, Alteryx is set in French. On some project, documentation is also in French, on some others, especially when I have to work with foreign coworker, it's in english.
And is it possible to disable this checking?



The language check is based upon the language you selected in the installer when you installed Alteryx.

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oh, ok... so I will have everything in red 😞