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Sort columns in browser window

Adding sort option to the browser output windows would aid in troubleshooting and in understanding the data at that specific point in the stream better
Alteryx Alumni (Retired)
Status changed to: Accepted

Thanks for the request!  This is a feature along with filter and possibly search within the browse that we are hoping to get into the next major release.  We often see analysts trying to verify results within the browse tool and we believe these features will help with that part of the process.




It would also be nice to have the ability to select, hide and arrange fields within the browse window.

Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

That would be such a great addition, the ability to treat large datasets as if it was 'excel'. 

I addition to filter and sort, summarize would be a nice functionality too.... sort of like a very stripped down version of pivot tables in excel.

Community Operations Manager
Community Operations Manager
Status changed to: Implemented

This idea was implemented in 2019.2


Thanks for your contributions to the software and the Community.