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Snowflake Bulk Loader Compatible with Azure

Hi All,


Was very happy to see the Bulk Loader introduced for Snowflake during last release. This bulk loader is specifically available for Snowflake environments that are hosted on AWS, but does not provide functionality for those environments using Azure. As Snowflake continues to build momentum, I imagine this will be a common request. Is there something in the pipeline to add this functionality?


For an interim solution, we will be working toward developing some generic scripts/snowsql to mimic that bulk load, but ultimately we'd love to have this as part of the tool.




5 - Atom

Experiencing the same issue. Do you mind going a bit more in depth about your work-around solution? 

Alteryx Partner

Same issue.


Alteryx - Are you able to provide an interim solution prior to an official release?



6 - Meteoroid

We have recently moved our entire data warehouse to Snowflake hosed in Azure.


Not being able to write to Snowflake in Azure greatly diminishes the value of our significant Alteryx-investments. This is a critical showstopper for us.


@The_Dev_Kev_Env wrote:

For an interim solution, we will be working toward developing some generic scripts/snowsql to mimic that bulk load […]

Is there a workaround we can use until this has been resolved?

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Hi all


We've worked around this by building a macro that is loosely based on @bkocarnik excellent post

about how to leverage the SnoSQL command line tool to move data into Snowflake regardless of whether it is AWS or Azure hosted. Suggest you take a read and build your own variant of the macro.





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Thanks for this. Working through using snoSQL as a backup just incase I get to the end of this project without official support.


I can't see how this will take much longer to develop into an integrated tool with the demand.


I have been surprised before at how fast Alteryx can implement new features but also how incredibly slow the dev team is when dealing with tools that ingress and egress data.

Alteryx Certified Partner

All good - let me know if you run into any issues

6 - Meteoroid

Any updates on when a bulk loader for Azure Snowflake may be available?