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Snap to Grid seems off

Do you have self diagnosed OCD?  Do you know why 59 could be a magic number in Alteryx?  After long bellyaching in these forums about distribute evenly (+1) and auto layout, and the clean my workflow features I suddenly realized, why not just snap to grid and make my grid size the size of an Alteryx tool?  Voila! only  Setting the grid size to 59 and snapping only intermittently works. There seem to be varying reference points used for the snap depending on the existence of containers, etc.  So my idea, maintain a single reference point for workflow snapping that should ensure everything snaps based on that point (aligns to the grid).


For those of you still wondering what I'm on about... note how the append tool is shifted.  Yes I know I can click and move it to align with the grid, but it gets cumbersome when dealing with many items in many containers.  One grid to rule them all.

Line UP!Line UP!




Agreed. I did the same thing with the grid (60 pixels instead of 59 though), but the grid seems to be moving between runs or closes and opens. Then when I add a new tool it doesn't conform to the old grid, and the only way to get everything lined up is to select EVERY tool and move it into place again. This is not sustainable. Why is this so?


Edit: I discovered that containers mess it up for me. If I move a container with perfectly aligned tools, then everything will fall out of alignment, because the containers don't snap to the correct grid. A temporary solutions seems to be to not select the container when moving, but rather selecting all the tools in the container and then move them, because they will snap correctly to the gid.

Status changed to: Coming Soon

We have resolved an issue with snap to grid not working correctly inside of containers. This will be fixed in an upcoming release. Thank you for reporting the issue!

Status changed to: Implemented

Thanks for suggesting this! The snap to grid issues when a tool is inside a container have been resolved with the 2019.4 release: