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Show Progess Not Showing Properly

I have run into an issue where the progress does not show the proper number of records after certain pieces in my workflow. It was explained to me that this is because there is only a certain amount of "cashed" data and therefore the number is basd off of that. If I put a browse in I can see the data properly.


For my team and me, this is actually a great inconvenience. We have grown to rely on the counts that appear after each tool. The point of the "show progress" is so that I do not have to insert a browse after everything I do so that it takes up less space on my computer. I would like to see the actual number appear again. I don't see why this changed in the first place.


If I understand your problem then I think you are saying you don't like how the connection progess has changed since the "Browse Everywhere" functionality was added.  You don't actually need to add browses after everything you do, you would just need one browse at the end of a data flow which would force all of the records to be read.


Alternatively you can actually turn off the "browse everywhere" functionality (which if I have understood your issue should restore the previous functionality).  To do so under Options->User Settings->Edit User Settings->Advanced->Tool Results Settings check "Override System Settings" and set the Memory Limit per Anchor to 0.


I'll try to write up a more detailed explanation of why you don't always get the full counts that were in the source file.

Hmm, I just tried making this change, but I still have the same problem, the # of recrods coming out of the tools is not the correct amount it should be. Only when I add a browse after it does it show the correct amount.


Are you able to share a screenshot or workflow which shows the problem?

I included a version without the browse and with a browse. In the irfst example the union is taking 2,222 records and adding in the 23,217 records. THe number displayed after the union is incorrect, 18,002. The second example has the browse and is showing correctly, but then continues to be incorrect after the formula tool.




So what is happening in this particular example is Alteryx is performing a workflow optimisation based on the sample tool.  Alteryx realises that it only needs 18000 records from the formula tool and so stops processing the remaining records in order to speed up the run time of the workflow.  I don't believe that this optimisation is new (I have just replicated the behaviour in version 9.5), but the workaround for this particular issue is to add your browse to the same output anchor as the sample tool is connected to (in this case after the final formula tool).

It's the sample tool that would determine that I only need 18,000 records, but I think it's still impotant for the progess to show the actual amount going through the tool, not what the end result will be. It just doesn't make sense to me to have it auto-calculate based on a later tool. Thank you for looking into it, but my suggestion is to change this so that the correct amount shows everytime.

I think I may have a solution to this problem. While working wiht someone at Alteyx on a different issue, they sent me the screenshot below. I noticed that my numbers for "Memory Limit per Anchor (KB)" and "Default sort/join memory usage (MB)" were smaller than shown below. I adjusted these numbers in the sytem settings and then unchecked the "Override System Settings" as suggested above, and now the numbers are showing correctly. I will keep an eye on the counts and see if this for sure resolves the issue.


Alteryx System Settings.png