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Sharepoint List Input/Output - Windows Authentication

I would like to request the ability to connect to a SharePoint List to bring data from and write data to via Windows Authentication.  Currently, the only way to connect to a SharePoint List is via username/password which does not work for our current environment.  


Yes please! Our company uses SharePoint as one of the avenues for report delivery and it would be really helpful to have this feature.


I second this. We use SharePoint but we won't be hardcoding network passwords into our Alteryx jobs. I was very surprised the SharePoint connector doesn't support Windows Authentication.


Must have. Password authentication is not sufficient from a security perspective.

Yes, this is critical in the environment I work in.  

Status changed to: Comments Requested

Hi All,


Thanks for the feedback.


However, your windows credentials should work with our SharePoint connector. When you enter the credentials, make sure you're putting in your domain in addition to your windows username. Ex:"xxx\username".





I think it should have checkbox to use windows authentication, (like it does for other database connections). We don't want to hardcode usernames and passwords in the workflow.

Even though the password is encrypted, its simple encryption which can be rolled back.


@Alexp - the credentials are not the problem. The request here is for Alteryx to not require password with the username. Just like for Alteryx allows for the option of Password OR Windows Authentication mode on an Input connector for SQL Server, we would like the same options for Sharepoint.

Hi AlexP,


I would like to second @TommyB, the Windows credentials are not the problem.  We are completely unable to connect Alteryx Designer to SharePoint without Alteryx Designer having a Windows Authentication option on the SharePoint List Input and SharePoint List Output tools (similar to what is available on the Input Data and Output Data tools when connecting to SQL Server).


This is a very important feature needed.


Thanks for the comments. My understanding is that the desired solution is to add a checkbox similar to SQL Input and Output that a user can check to automatically use the Windows Credentials they're currently logged into their machine with (WinAuth), as opposed to manually entering them, which we do currently support today.


This will remove the need to manually enter these credentials.


This is dependent on functionality in the SharePoint API we're talking to, but we'll look into this and see if it's possible on our side.




My workaround is to download with PowerShell from the Run tool. Something like:


$url = "http://my-server/sites/DEPT1/_api/lists/GetByTitle('"+$List+"')/items?`$top=1000"
$out = "c:\temp\out.csv"

# Windows auth
$x = Invoke-RestMethod -UseDefaultCredentials -Uri $url -ea stop
} catch {
} $n = 0 $result = ForEach ($row in $ { $n ++ # get fields names # $ | Get-Member $neat_rec = [PSCustomObject]@{ "n" = $n "title" = $row.Title "attachment" = $row.Attachment "subj" = $row.Subject } $neat_rec } $result | export-csv -path $out -encoding ascii -NoTypeInformation

exit $exitcode