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Sharepoint Files Input: File Download Only

Love the new Sharepoint Files Input tool. Significant improvement over previous options! 


A suggestion that could improve the impact of the tool:


File Download Only


Current state: The tool performs two actions simultaneously: 1) downloading the file (csv/xlsx/yxdb) AND 2) reads the file into the data stream. When processing the supported file types, this is very convenient! However, the beauty of Alteryx is being able to read in raw data from almost any file type (pdf/zip/doc/xml/txt/json/etc) and process the data myself. Being limited to only officially sanctioned file types greatly diminishes the impact of the tool. 


Suggestion: Allow the user to 1) specify a filepath, 2) download the selected file(s) to that destination, and 3) optionally use a dynamic input tool to process the file. 


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Status changed to: Accepted

Hi @calebhowellks , this is definitely on our roadmap. Similar feature is already implemented in other cloud based file storages, like OneDrive, Google Driver or Box connector, but not yet for Sharepoint. I believe we will be able to deliver this still in this year.