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SharePoint Online/Office 365 Cloud Instance Connectors

I have used the SharePoint List Connectors with our SharePoint 2010 (on prem) instance for some time now. It works great and has become invaluable. Unfortunately, I have been told that these connectors do not work with a Cloud instance or an instance that is not on prem. We need this capability since Microsoft is pushing coporations to move to the cloud instance and there is talk that on-prem may not be available past the 2016 version that is coming soon. Many companies including mine have either completed or are close to completing a full migration which has rendered the current SharePoint Connectors useless. While this is the most important part, another piece that is missing is a SharePoint Document Library connector (similar to the Amazon S3 Download/Upload). Currently I must use the UNC path to my SharePoint folders and an easier more reliable way to save files out to OneDrive and SharePoint Online would be very beneficial.
Alteryx Alumni (Retired)
Status changed to: Under Review

Thanks for submitting the idea. An update to the Sharepoint connector is currently under review. Please feel free to add comments on required functionalities.

Alteryx Partner

Currently wishing that the Sharepoint input tool would work with cloud-based sharepoint instances.  The manual transfer of information to get the data from SP to Alteryx really works against the intent of automatic workflows!

My team just upgraded from 2010 SharePoint to SharePoint Online.  We had several automated workflows that we have to move out of Alteryx to Microsoft Access with VBA and Task Scheduler to run since Alteryx does not connect to SharePoint Online List.  Please add this functionality. 

Status changed to: Accepted

Is there a way to track the ETA on this feature availability? It would be a great feature to be able to read from SharePoint on cloud(Office365).

We are also looking for  input and output connector allowing to read and write data to sharepoitn(On Cloud) and one Drive


Hi All,


We're hoping to release this feature in the next major version, which should be towards the end of this year.




Thanks Alex for the update! Looking forward for the next version.


Ditto that.  Looking forward to being able to Input/Output to Sharepoint Online.

This would be a great addition - I've got so many uses for this already. Without this connectivity a lot of our current Alteryx processes will become redundant.