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Set functions like Except; Intersect

While Alteryx does have a UNION set operator, it only currently has an Inclusive Union


the other two set operators, Intersect & Except, and an exclusive Union would be helpful if they can be added.

  • Exclusive Union: Union two sets, but eliminate full duplicates (across the full row)
    • Although this can be done with a union, followed by a distinct - you have to do a distinct across all columns
    • This is the difference between SQL "Union" and SQL "Union ALL"
  • Intersect:  This is the intersection of two sets - where the full row (all columns) are identical
  • Except: This is where the row in 1 set is not in the other.


Intersect is particularly helpful for operations like looking at multi-column reference data to see if any fields at all have changed (like a slowly changing dimension).


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