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Sequence Container for Process Sequence


        I would like to have something similiar to in SSIS called as Sequence Container implemented in Alteryx. A sequence container would ensure that the process flows in a particular order. Lets say I would like to read 3 different files having different schema each and I want to read/validated it in particular order. I don't see any tool that would help me do this.



Hey naveen! I came across this article. let me know if this helps. 



I agree that Alteryx really needs a better way for managing the sequence of the workflow.  Simply being able to optionally specify an order of priority for each container would work.


I just had to come up with a convoluted process to deal with this kind of scenario because I wrote data into a database table and then wanted to download from that same table AFTER the upload step.  In my case it was used to validate that all the data was successfully loaded (since I'm using a custom loading macro built for Exasol).


Being able to simply control the sequence would help immensely.


Hey @BenG & @AdamR


This is one of a series of ideas in the Ideas section which relate to flow of control.

We could solve this relatively quickly (perhaps as a tactical fix) by including some of the CREW macros into the product - but at some point we do need to consider bringing this into the core product to allow Alteryx to compete for larger enterprise business (since loading a dimension and then a fact table is one of the most common tasks for a BI team, and this requires explicit flow of control).



Alteryx Alumni (Retired)



I would like this feature to be implemented in a way that is easy to see and understand visually.  We do get requests to add the CREW macros to the product a lot, but I continue to hesitate because it adds more tools to an already long list and I've seen a few cases where the concept of a macro gets confused with the idea of sequencing.   This is one of the higher idea requests in the community and we have actually spent some time trying to implement a version of this with no success.  It will continue to be a fairly high priority as we are looking for ways to improve the workflow process.


Thanks Ben - agree with you that it makes sense to work through how to do this in a way which is easy to understand; and which doesn't create more problems than it solves 🙂


Anything we can do to help?


+1 on this feature.


I'm evaluating Alteryx for our organization right now and I am surprised that something so basic you'd find in SSIS or other products is not built-in for an Analytical tool such as Alteryx. Please add this feature!