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Search for custom tool DLLs inside the tool's folder

Today when we install custom tools that use DLLs, the DLLs must be placed in the Plugins folder inside the Alteryx installation directory.  This requires a second step after the YXI installer runs.  I would like to be able to package the DLL with the YXI installer and Alteryx will search for the DLL inside the tool's directory, just the same as what happens with custom Python tools.  This will allow custom tools that use DLLs to be installed just as easily as the 1-step installation process for Python tools.


For example, this today does not work, but I want it to:

Screen Shot 2020-06-05 at 8.35.17 AM.png

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Hi @tlarsen7572,


Thank you for your feedback! This is a an interesting idea, I've added a couple labels to your idea to insure it reaches all the product teams who might have input on this. If you haven't yet be sure to check out our Submission Guidelines as it covers a couple parts of the process in greater detail.