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Search/Filter Fields by Name

It would be really usefull when we can filter fields by name and make selection. At times I have work with 300+ fields and it's really hard to scroll down to select few fields. Tableau has this feature. Wer can have this feature in select and all embedded select tools (join, append etc)

Status changed to: Accepted

Hello! Are we expecting this feature soon? I have the same problem when working with 300-400 fields. Would be good to have this built in..


Hi @jineshnp31,


This idea was 'Accepted', which indicates that an enhancement that will include or cover this idea is being explored and worked on. However, feature enhancements can take some time depending on a variety of factors, so the product team cannot confirm if this will be available soon. However, we will update the status of this idea to 'Coming Soon' once the product team can confirm that the idea will be available in a upcoming release.




Hi @KylieF,


Thank you for the update! Appreciate all the good work the team is doing here! 🙂

Looking forward to it!