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Schedule Every N Days

Products Team: Could you tell me if this is on the future road map or not?


It's something that other software does utilize, and I've seen similar requests on this message board.


Many companies use per period, quarter, year, etc. that aren't equal lengths or same days each month.

By saying every 364 days, you can schedule a yearly report. If your 4 quarters are unequal length, you can schedule 4 times (1st day of each quarter) at 364 days, recurring.

We have lengths of every 28 days for monthly reports (not 30/31). Or every 90 days. Or 180 days. Or every 14 days.


Being able to Schedule Every N Days moves you from owning a scheduler, to a providing a Competitive Scheduler.

6 - Meteoroid

I would like to schedule a job to run on a different schedule every Monday and Tuesday but the scheduler is not robust enough to handle this request, unless I know what days it is going to land on from a date perspective. In other tools I can select a job and have multiple schedules with a variety of different options. Like run every hour on the hour for Monday and Tuesday when reporting is critical for our attendance numbers on Wednesday - Sunday just run once every day. It should be simple. Lets make this happen Alteryx!

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7 - Meteor

Or even N weeks. Most companies have a fiscal calendar that is more relevant than the general calendar.

8 - Asteroid

I could use this functionality too.