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Sample tool should have a 2 output ports



I think that the sample tool should have a T or F port.


Lets say I want to keep first N records but would like to stream the rest of the data (the not sampled one) somewhere else in my workflow, its possible but it would be easier to have that in the sampler. 




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Hi Simon, Have you tried using the "Create Samples" tool from the Data Investigation tool set? While you can't specify an exact count or N value, you can specify percentages of the dataset - it even has 3 outputs so you can easily generate 3 populations if needed, or set the percentages so all of your data comes out only 2 of the outputs. This will give you very similar if not more powerful functionality. Or... A macro wouldn't be too hard to build which would give you the exact thing your asking for! 🙂 Best regards, Ryan