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Salesforce connector to support Custom Domain

Hi all.


We're heavily using SalesForce and one of the reasons we've purchased so many licenses was support of SFDC.

However, our implementation is set up based on a Custom Domain.

Unfortunately at this point our connector does not support Custom Domains. 

Please, kindly review and possibly add SFDC authorization option that supports Custom Domain. Like Excel, Tableau and others does1.jpg

5 - Atom

In the same vein as this request, it would also be nice if Alteryx supported SSO, as our SF site uses our org's SSO.

When I configure the tool, I get an error that reads "SSO_SERVICE_DOWN: the single sign on for the org is down".



7 - Meteor



I know it very old thread, However I want to know if anyone have got any solution for this. 




6 - Meteoroid

Yes, i've actually managed that. You need to have "ApexLoader" rights on your SalesForce platform granted. Check with your Salesforce Admin.