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Salesforce Input - import custom reports

Salesforce reports are easy to create in Salesforce, but to reproduce them using Alteryx's connector is 1) near impossible given the complex children/parent relationships, 2) laborious since you can only input one table at a time, and 3) time consuming as each additional "Salesforce Input" node that you add creates an increasing lag for your entire module.

Several BI products and drivers (through stored procedures) enable you direct access to these reports, so the technology is present. 

Can Alteryx please add this capability to the Salesforce Input tool, i.e. input custom reports?

Thank you,
Agreed - I have also found it challenging to use this tool, and I'm only trying to recreate very simple call reports.
Alteryx Partner

in Alteryx v 10.0 there has been an update to Salesforce connector. If there is an additional connector to enable us to connect to reports that would be great. ( Reporting REST API) I have tested the new connector but it is taking a lot of time to recreate the report through the normal connector and also we have to be careful with all the object names to column names.


I am pretty sure most of the companies now are on and have a marketing tool and having the Reporting REST API would help us to automate the analysis process while connecting to different tools at the same time.





I share the same sentiment of Jeremy, drahn and Sharat.

Many Salesforce users are used to pull reports, rather than pulling data from the base objects.

Salesforce has a REST API to support pulling data from reports. I wonder what the challenges are to wrap the Salesforce API in implementations in Alteryx?