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SUM() function under the Math bucket

I like the cool new features in designer 11.x

However, to my surprise when I searched for a sum() function..... it wasn't there yet


Math bucket has common functions such as Average, Mod, Median and some very complex functions such as Hyperbolic Tangent (an average user don't need it)


But a basic mathematical logic is missing : SUMMATION


Please add SUM() as a function

8 - Asteroid



In a current situation I ran into, I needed to create a file pulling in data from all sorts of different sources that created one, massive file that could be used for my team to deep dive into and also as a primary data source for Tableau. 


I needed line level invoice data for each CIN invoice date across several different measures i.e. Order Qty, Ship Qty, Price and Cost, but I also needed fields such as NewestInvoiceDate, NewestInvoiceMonth, OldestInvoiceDate, OldestInvoiceMonth and each of these columns in both string and date formats, along with Sum_PriceMonth and Sum_PriceAll etc.  


If I could have just created new columns for each of these it would have been fairly simple, but instead, I had to use the Summarize tool. I took my most recent file that I was joining with my ongoing, large file (with over a 100 fields), and joined using the unique store number and the invoice month, which I created from invoice date. 


I then again took the smaller file I just joined and created another invoice month field from invoice date, then used the Summarize tool to GroupBy store number and Invoice Month, then Summed all the measured fields. 


This allowed me to join back to my first join (also using date filters throughout this whole workflow) and keep the line level detail like Price but also have another column for Sum_PriceMonth. The person using this file could identify the new stores and see their line level detail for each purpose, but also have a column to see the total Price for that month along with the other measurable fields. 


I then basically repeated this process again in the workflow to pull back other columns like Sum_PriceAll, which pulled in summary level for the entire invoice period, not just the invoice date month. Let me know if you need me to explain further and maybe I can provide some screenshots or something. This data is also fantastic to have in Tableau for different uses and views. 


So rather than using a Sum function, I created separate files and workflow sections using the Summarize tool. Now that I get the concept of what I need to do, it won't be as hard moving forward. But the fact the Sum Function is not available is ridiculous for a weapon like Alteryx. I just can't figure out the thought process behind leaving it out. 




10 - Fireball

In the older versions (before 2016), Sum() was available as a function in the Formula Tool.

However in the later releases, it was either lost or omitted deliberately.


While, its okay to create an idea & request a new features

Nonetheless, in this idea we are struggling to ask for something which was taken away from our platter.


5 - Atom

Dear Alteryx team


Please add the SUM() function to the formula tool. Though we can use the Summarize tool for this, we lose a lot of data downstream doing so.

I am all for simplfying Alteryx such that it has a low floor and high ceiling - but SUM() is a basic function that provides a lot of flexibility when writing formulas.